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Quality at Hero is attained not just by modern plants and equipment and through latest technology, but by enforcing a strict discipline. At the Group factories, attaining quality standards is an everyday practice - a strictly pursued discipline. It comes from an amalgamation of the latest technology with deep-rooted experience derived from nearly four decades of hard labour.

It is an attitude that masters the challenge of growth and change - change in consumers' perceptions about products and new aspirations arising from a new generation of buyers. Conformance to quality at Hero begins on the shop floor. Every worker ensures at each stage of manufacturing that any of the faulty products are not allowed to go through further manufacturing and distribution cycles.

Today quality is ensured from steel processing to the finished product. Each component goes through numerous tests at the stages of design, raw material procurement and, of course, during the manufacturing process.

Constant technology upgradation ensures that the Group stays in the global mainstream and maintains its competitive edge. With each of its foreign collaborations, the Group goes onto strengthen its quality measures as per the book. The Group also employs the services of independent experts from around the world to assist in new design and production processes.

Nevertheless, in this race to acquire the most modern techniques and technologies and to collaborate with the most advanced players in the market, the core competence continues to be derived from the Group's philosophy - "To Engineer Satisfaction."