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HeroITES Deploys HeroLive

Mumbai, Jun 19, 2006

HeroITES, the independent SBU of Hero Group has announced the launch of an integrated management information system across all its departments. Called HeroLIVE, the system is designed to bring transparency to all the overseas HeroITES clients.

Designed and built by the in-house team, HeroLIVE will help the clients easily access archived and real-time data. Besides pulling the data together, the system will provide graphical representations helping to understand call arrival patterns, metrics-based performance on various campaigns, staffing, average handle time and average talk time.

Through HeroLIVE, clients will not only be able to access information at an associate level but can also roll it up to a team leader, a manager and even the campaign level. With this, users can get a holistic view of performance trends where data from various sub-systems are combined into 'behaviour and performance reports' and 'QIP' reports.

From an employee standpoint, the system can store and maintain crucial employee data such as pre-assessment score, post-assessment score, training duration, certification result, quality scores/ performance in nesting, movement across campaigns, subsequent refresher/ supplemental training, attendance, quality auditor's name, call ID number and call audit dates.

Rohit Chanana, Business Head, HeroITES commented, "HeroLive will be first of its kind in the country that will not just maintain a central repository data warehouse to hold information of all the departments of the company but will also provide complete transparency to our UK, US and Australia based clients."

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